And three fun sci-fi links

Three things I've been intending to link/post relating to my three favorite sci-fi series:

  1. Wired reports that Caren Golden Fine Art in New York City is hosting an exhibit of crafty Star Trek art:
    Mirror Universe, [Devorah] Sperber's show that opens March 20 at Caren Golden Fine Art in New York, consists of crafty Trek imagery pieced together out of beads and spools of thread. The show's title is an allusion to the 1967 Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror," in which the Enterprise crew is swapped with evil doppelgängers, but it also refers to the way viewers are supposed to look at the exhibit's art -- via reflective materials.
  2. Three lucky bloggers at Concurring Opinions interviewed Ron Moore and David Eick about legal, moral, political, and religious aspects (and more!) of their brilliant re-imagination of Battlestar Galactica. Though I haven't yet had a chance to listening to the whole recording, the beginning sounds excellent.

    If you don't watch BSG, but enjoyed the Klingon story arc in Star Trek: the Next Generation, the ST: TNG finale, and/or much of Deep Space 9, Moore was responsible for all of those, and you should be watching BSG too.

  3. Finally, what if Star Wars had been made in the 60s and had an opening credits sequence designed by Saul Bass?
    See also the "special edition" version.


Anonymous March 23, 2008 at 10:56:00 PM EDT  


I love that Saul Bass Star Wars Credits. The Jazz - the 60's style... it was perfect - I was almost nostalic for that fictional reality.



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