What's the biggest problem at SXSW?

LinkIt just may be the tens of thousands of bags, or to be more precise: all the waste in them. Check out this Cnet article for a more awe-inspiring photo.

First thing we did after getting them was find a spot to sit down and cull the stuff we knew we had no interest in. Unfortunately, while there seemed to be designated junk areas, some large recycling bins would have been appreciated and more encouraging from a conference trying to go green.

One way to help? Go over to Emma Email Marketing and vote for trees. If they get 1000 votes during the conference, they'll have 1000 trees plnated. (Emma is sponsoring this year's interactive lanyards, so I'm amused that I'm wearing my cat's name around.)


Kristina March 8, 2008 at 9:34:00 PM EST  

i actually like the bags themselves. i use them for traveling (shoe bags) and hobbies (knitting, etc). hate the paper ads inside them. yes, necessary evil as they help to pay for the conference. knowing people will throw these things away, one would have thought that these organizations might get inventive with the types of ads. or just give me toys, i have respect for companies that choose to use toys as advertising.

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