Ihasahotdog, the canine companion of icanhascheezburger, says it helps them notice submissions "wen u put em on ur blog." So without further ado, here is a portrait of Buster, my parents' dog, from last Independence Day:

A few things I have recently been up to (since that picture was actually captioned last year!):
  1. Doing pretty well (though not quite winning) at quiz night at my favorite pub. My shame is the Back to the Future musical question. I won't say what I mistook it for.
  2. Rescuing and knitting for a sweet local stray cat
  3. Enjoying my Wii and its ability to download games from a number of Nintendo's prior consoles back to NES. It rocks. And some of the newer games are fun too, like the knit cows racing game that's part of the otherwise meh Wii Play. Who thought of that one?
  4. Blogging at Novalawcity. And needing to blog more at Out of the Jungle.
  5. Twittering
  6. Preparing for AALL. I'll be speaking at sessions G-2, I-2, and K-4, mostly about various aspects of Second Life and some about newsletters and blogs. I'm STILL not sure how my schedule got so crazy.
  7. Starting tonight I'll be speed knitting a few items for the AALL Stitchers' group. Once again, we'll be holding a silent auction, this year to benefit the Friends of the Portland Public Library. Last year we raised almost $1000 for the Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.
  8. Idly pondering the future of this blog, since it appears to be turning into a periodic kind of thing.


heyfatlulu July 1, 2008 at 8:06:00 AM EDT  

I still can't believe I missed Boston. What a dumbbutt! I think on the Back to the Future one we all sort of went, "hey! I know this! What is it?"

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