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(March 26 I attended an Apple-sponsored AcademiX seminar at MIT. Or most of it--had to dash back to the office for a meeting in the afternoon and I didn't make it back for the end of the day. What I went to, however, was quite good.

Here are my notes, raw and uncorrected except for formatting, with occasional comments in brackets.)

Welcome and Opening Comments
Scott Morris, Learning Services & Communities,
Strategic Education Solutions, Apple Inc.

Four AcademiX sessions happening around the country - not Apple marketing, abt learning what ed customers are doing.

Digital learning environment: create, access, distribute - held together by collaboration. Innovation happening outside LMS

People of the Book v. Digital Natives. – we here today are mainly former

What would we know if none of us had ever read a book.

We can’t predict what big things are happening, but we can be involved

In oral cultures, edu required proximity – now it’s everywhere at all times.

Literacy enables other rational discourses

What are time/space constraints, biases of digital world?

Mobility changes this. (No parking app joke)

Wikinomics quote: new promise of collaboration is that with peer production we will harness human skill, ingenuity, and intelligence more efficiently and effectively…

How do we create next gen of professionals/citizens, getting them to stand on shoulders of giants.


Chris January 26, 2010 at 8:37:00 PM EST  

Videos from all the seminars at all the AcademiX 2009 locations are available at

Chris January 26, 2010 at 8:39:00 PM EST  

Full details for each of the four AcademiX 2009 conferences, and videos from all presentations, are available online at the home of the co-sponsor, MacLearning.

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